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My name is Annette, and I live with my family in Colorful Colorado. I am an ADHD woman who was not diagnosed until about age 40, so my brain is pretty set in its ways!

A LOT of accommodations and adaptations are what I have to use, as trying to retrain my brain has not worked so well…

Stimulant medications are not an option for me. They gave me some pretty scary heart palpitations.

Non-stimulants, just really did nothing except seem to remove a lot of my “sparkle”!

So, I am back to trying some supplements I learned about during my stint on the non-stimulants.

In addition to this, I deal with a mixture of chronic health issues daily, as does the rest of my household.

I have learned multiple ways to manage, and creatively keep my head, and in turn my family’s heads, above water for a majority of the time over the years.

I am married to my best friend, for almost 23 years now. We have three delightful children, here on earth, whom we have educated at home.

Two of our children have graduated from our homeschool and are now young adults. The eldest just finished her college certificate program and is working to start her own small business. The younger one is getting ready to start college computer classes in the Fall.

The last one is high school aged and we are still educating him at home. We also had two more who are already in heaven (both in the year 2000).

I am also the main caregiver for my mother, who also lives her life in our home.

I hope to convey to you many of our day-to-day ups and downs, as a highly Neurodiverse family, along with many of the resources that I have discovered throughout this journey of ours! As you will eventually see, my WHOLE FAMILY is Neurodiverse (What is Neurodiversity?)!

We range from ADHD and the Autism Spectrum, along with a sprinkle of a variety of Mental health issues. We also deal with some unique, and not so unique, physical health challenges!

So, never a dull moment! Ha ha!

I am very picky about which resources I will share. I will not share something that I am not willing to use myself, or have not used at some time in our lives!

Many of the resources I share are free, and some are not. Some may be specific to the US, or even just for Colorado Residents. Others are open to anyone with an internet connection. This will all build up over time, and will hopefully be expanded into a good-sized resource library for you to use!

I will also share tips and tricks I have learned over the years that have worked for me in my many vocations (roles such as a wife, homeschooling mom, daughter, sister, writer, citizen, church member, etc.) in life. Things like…

  • Ideas to help you keep track of what you are doing in your home, general life, and/or homeschool (for this, you may want to start right here)
  • Helps for healthier living
  • Where you can go for help when you need it most (financial and other support)
  • More cost-effective ways to get everyday items you need
  • Simple gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes (we all have Celiac Sprue, at our house, plus a few of us have other food allergies)
  • Learning to advocate for yourself and your family
  • Even some stuff I have learned more recently (that I wish I had known years ago). Such as handy gadgets, websites, apps, etc. (I am pretty pretty much a geek, and proud of it)
  • Plus other things that can possibly help you navigate your everyday life   😉

The following are how you can navigate my site (just in case you cannot find the appropriate menu tabs):

My intention in having this website is to aid those who are Neurodiverse, or have other limitations, to live more comfortable and fulfilling lives. Let’s face it, this society has had a habit of not being very kind to those of us who are “different”. This is kind of a way to “pay it forward”, I suppose. Dedicated to the many who took the time, and have helped to guide me and my family over the years.

Also, I want to encourage more understanding, and empathy, from those who are not Neurodiverse. Hopefully they can, at the very least, be more compassionate to those of us who are. We really do try hard to do things “right”! Even if it doesn’t really seem like we do.

Although I definitely lean toward Homeschooling, there is no judgement here! I realize that this is not possible, or ideal, for every home.

Also, I share both Christian AND Secular homeschool resources! I will always try to let you know, up front, what you will find there.

Do YOU have a particular need that you would like me to see if I have a help or resource for? Then leave me a comment on one of my blog posts, or like my Facebook page and leave me a comment there! You can even find my email link at the top of every page. I will do my best to help you in any way that I can, or find someone who can!

Throughout my blog posts, you will probably notice that I have a tendency to be someone who sees the glass as “half-full” (many times to my family’s chagrin, but I really do believe that they will come around to seeing things my way, someday..! Ha ha!), or in my case, it would be a COFFEE cup.

This is not to make light of the many difficulties and challenges faced. I learned a long time ago (at around 16 to 17 years old, I am in my mid-50s now!) that I am MUCH happier when I can laugh at myself (as a woman with ADHD, I tend to provide a lot of “cannon fodder”), and find some humor in the many things that life throws our way! I have also seen that my own attitude has a profound effect on those that I come into contact with, usually in a positive way!  🙂

Again, I welcome you to my little corner of the HUGE World Wide Web!

Enjoy your stay, and I hope you find something of value for your own life!

~~Annette | ItzaSpec

Oh look! Itzy Squirrel!
Oh look! Itzy Squirrel!

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